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Here is some information I have passed on to others who have asked for some instructions on reconditioning the indexing system on all of the 1612,1712,1812,1912 Hobart meat slicers The indexing knob being tight will take a little work first of all you will need to dismantle the indexing assy I would start by sliding the top rail away from the indexing plate and spring now try and remove the 9/16" nut on top of the plate after that is done slide the plate away from the indexing worm gear now you will have to remove the stud that is in the gauge plate support rod now the fun will begin if you have a small torch plate it on the protruding cylinders that the gauge plate support rods go up and down on and get a rubber mallet and start to get the whole gauge plate to com out after you complete that feat start to clean up the rods and the cylinders that they go up and down in do not use a file just cleaning solution and steel wool if possible. make sure the rods will slide up and down freely before putting it all back together if you have some white lithium grease that is a big help. now stop using veg oil or any kind of oil except mineral oil on the rods along with the slide rods I have included a parts list for you so you can check out the indexing section and get familiar with all this confusing dialog I have just given you Ed